Expert Videography

Expert Videography Included: (All from Pro Package, plus:)

Premium Coverage:

  1. Full-day on-location shooting at multiple sites or events.
  2. Comprehensive coverage of all aspects specified by the client.

Cinematic Editing:

  1.  Advanced cinematic editing for a visually stunning final product.
  2. Inclusion of special effects and advanced post-production techniques.
  3.  License free music
  4.  VFX design
  5.  Sound design

Video Duration:

  1.  Creation of a 3 to 5-minute cinematic masterpiece.

Additional Short Reels:

  1. Development of five to 10 short reels for diverse marketing use.

Additional Videographer:

  1. Second professional videographer for simultaneous coverage.

Customized Package:

  1. Flexibility for custom requests and specialized content.

Priority Support:

  1. Priority access to support and communication throughout the process.
  2.  3 rounds of revisions only on what is discussed in first revision (after 2 rounds we switch to hourly rate)


  1. Present a professional and engaging corporate narrative through video.
  2.  Showcase key events, products, or services with high-quality videography.
  3.  Enhance brand credibility and engagement.
  4.  Versatile use of short reels for social media


  1. 3 to 5 minutes of professionally edited corporate video.
  2.  5 – 10 short reels for versatile use on social media
  3.  Quick turnaround with delivery within 4 weeks

Not Include:

  1. Additional video editing beyond standard enhancements specific to corporate branding.
  2. Specialized equipment or props requiring additional sourcing beyond corporate requirements.
  3.  Extensive travel or on-location shooting outside the standard service area (30km outside of Eindhoven).
  4. Rush delivery services beyond the agreed-upon timeframe.
  5. Extended shooting time beyond the allocated hours.
  6.  Physical copies or additional media delivery formats.
  7. Licensing for third-party usage not specified in the agreement.
  8.  Any other services not explicitly mentioned in the “Included” section.