Expert Web Design

Expert Web Design Package

  1. All of the features of the Pro Web Design Package
  2. Up to 10+ pages
  3.  Animations
  4.  Advanced custom development to create a website that is tailored to your specific needs
  5.  UX/UI optimization to ensure your website is easy to use and navigate
  6.  A/B testing to continuously optimize your website for conversion
  7.  Ongoing support to answer your questions and address any issues
  8.  1 month of website maintenance


  1. Get the most sophisticated website that meets your exact requirements
  2. Enhance your brand’s image with a website that stands out
  3. Drive more website traffic and generate more leads
  4. Work with a team of experts who are dedicated to creating landing pages that achieve your business goals
  5. Receive ongoing support to ensure your landing page is always performing at its best
  6. Have the peace of mind knowing that your website is designed and maintained by industry experts

Not Include

  1. E-commerce functionality
  2. Additional rounds of revisions
  3. Ongoing website maintenance beyond the initial first month
  4. Custom development beyond the initial agreed upon pages
  5. Continuous content marketing support
  6. Domain registration and hosting
  7. SEO services beyond initial optimisation