Pro Photography

Branding Photography Package

  1. Comprehensive consultation to understand brand identity and goals.
  2. High-resolution branding photoshoot capturing the essence of the brand.
  3. Creative direction and styling to align visuals with brand aesthetics.
  4. Multiple shots for versatile use across marketing platforms.
  5. Professional post-processing and editing for a polished final look.
  6. Integration of lifestyle shots, showcasing brand in real-world scenarios.
  7. Customized backgrounds to reflect and enhance brand personality.
  8. Quick turnaround with efficient and timely delivery of edited images.
  9. 2 rounds of revisions (after 2 rounds we switch to hourly rate)


  1. Elevate brand identity with visually stunning and cohesive imagery.
  2. Build a captivating brand story through professional photography.
  3. Boost brand recognition and engagement.


  1. 30 high-quality edited branding photos.
  2. Quick turnaround with delivery within 2 weeks.

Not Include:

  1. Additional photo editing beyond standard enhancements specific to branding aesthetics.
  2. Specialized props or custom sets requiring additional sourcing beyond brand requirements.
  3. Extensive travel or on-location shooting outside the standard service area.
  4. Rush delivery services beyond the agreed-upon timeframe.
  5. Extended studio time beyond the allocated hours.
  6. Physical prints or additional printing services.
  7. Licensing for third-party usage not specified in the agreement.
  8. Any other services not explicitly mentioned in the “Included” section.